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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: GRIFFIN HOUSE 2007

griffin house press 2007This is the last of Jam Session Lounge’s posting of my past interviews for Midwest Beat Magazine. I have additional interviews that I’ve done for other publications, including some with Sister Hazel, Better Than Ezra, Gavin DeGraw, Cary Brothers, Josh Kelley, Joey DeGraw and others, but unfortunately some I’m unable to re-post and others have been lost. So this is the last of the “Flashback” series! 

As I said in the beginning of my re-post of my interview with Gran Bel Fisher a few days ago, working for Tom Lounges at Midwest Beat was an absolute pleasure. He’s a good guy with a true love of music and provided unending encouragement to music writers and photographers. 

This interview with Griffin House was to appear in the final issue of Midwest Beat in August 2007.

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: ERNIE HALTER 2007

ERNIE HALTER PRESS 2007Jam Session Lounge continues with just a couple more of my past interviews with Midwest Beat Magazine. 

This interview with Ernie Halter in Spring of 2007 was printed in the June 2007 issue.

Because Halter had arrived late to the interview due to late flights and heavy rainstorms, once he finished at the Fearless Radio studio he needed to get to Schuba’s for his soundcheck. In order for me to get my interview I needed to play chauffeur, so I loaded him and his guitar into my car and hauled him to the venue where Tyrone Wells was already soundchecking.

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: JUSTIN KING 2007

justin king press 2007Jam Session Lounge continues with another post from my past interviews as a columnist for Midwest Beat Magazine. Just a few more to go before we start with some fresh entries! 

In April 2007 I sat down with Justin King and his band members Ehren Ebbage, Drew Dresman and Nadir Jeevanjee in the conference room at Fearless Radio. 

We laughed a lot during this interview, and after the recorder was shut off we continued to talk for another hour just laughing and telling stories. This was a great group of guys to sit and talk with!

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: JON MCLAUGHLIN 2007

jon mclaughlin press 2007This Jam Session Lounge entry consists of another interview I did as a columnist for Midwest Beat Magazine.  

The interview took place in January 2007 backstage at House of Blues Chicago. At the time Jon McLaughlin’s CD, "Indiana," was about to be released and he found himself opening for Better Than Ezra. I had just sat in on Better Than Ezra’s interview and then interviewed Jon. 

What I remember about this interview is we couldn’t find a place that was quiet enough to do the interview. The backstage green rooms were filled with chatting band and family members and in the stairways we could hear the soundcheck going on in the main room.

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: GRAN BEL FISHER 2006

gran bel fisher press 2006Thanks for coming back to Jam Session Lounge! 

The last several entries have been recaps of interviews I did for Midwest Beat Magazine, a job that I greatly appreciate founder, publisher and editor, Tom Lounges, giving me the opportunity to be a part of. Interviewing upcoming and established musicians for The Beat was something I truly enjoyed and Tom is one of the most encouraging people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing, even if our primary form of communication was via email! 

This interview with Gran Bel Fisher took place on a very cold winter day in Chicago inside the studio of Fearless Radio after his on-air interview. 

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: MATT HOFFER 2006

matt hoffer press 2006We’re still revisiting my past Midwest Beat Magazine interviews here in the Jam Session Lounge! Every day I’ll continue to post another before moving on to some current articles and musician Q&A. 

This interview with Matt Hoffer came on the heels of his appearance as a contestant on the reality show Rockstar Supernova. We sat in the conference room of Fearless Radio on November 15th, 2006 and talked about his plans for the future and his experience on reality tv.

This interview is particularly special to me because it was held on the day that I met my future best friend and now business partner in that very same conference room on the way in to interview Hoffer. 

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: MATT WERTZ 2006

matt wertz press 2006Welcome back to Jam Session Lounge! We continue to spotlight some of my past interviews from Midwest Beat Magazine

This interview with Matt Wertz in October 2006 appeared in the November 2006 issue. 

Following an interview on Fearless Radio in Chicago, Matt and I moved into the station’s conference room to talk about his CD, “Everything In Between,” and how he hadn’t yet found a major label that he felt comfortable signing with. 

Wertz was personable and funny and had a lot to say about his desire to be captain of his musical success.

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: TRAIN 2006

train press 2006As Jam Session Lounge continues to revisit some of my old interviews from Midwest Beat Magazine, the next entry was the cover story of the March 2006 issue. 

This interview with Jimmy Stafford of the band Train took place at the Fillmore in San Francisco following the band’s soundcheck on a very rainy March evening that left fans drenched. We had arranged the interview six weeks prior in NYC at the band’s CD release party for their 4th studio album, “For Me It’s You.” 

This was a particularly fun interview for me to do because I have known members of this band since their days on Aware Records in Chicago when they would play small local bars and clubs.

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: MAT KEARNEY 2006

mat kearney pressThanks for visiting Jam Session Lounge! 

We’re continuing to recap some of my old interviews from Midwest Beat Magazine, this time with musician Mat Kearney. 

I sat down with Mat Kearney when he was opening for The Fray at the beginning of 2006. At the time his first major-label album, “Nothing Left To Lose,” was set to be released approximately 6 weeks later. 

As we sat on a couch backstage at Metro Chicago, members of The Fray were walking in and out grabbing snacks while Cary Brothers had the stage. Mat’s rep from Aware Records sat nearby, as did my assistant Tracy. I found Kearney to be quiet, shy, articulate and determined. 

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Jam Session Lounge Flashback: THE FRAY 2006

the fray pressWelcome back to Jam Session Lounge! 

Continuing with the recap of a few of my interviews that appeared in Midwest Beat Magazine, this sit-down with The Fray was printed in the March 2006 issue. At the time they were on their first headlining tour supporting their freshman album, “How To Save A Life,” and had just been voted Vh1’s “You Outta Know Artist On The Rise.” 

They were touring with opening acts Cary Brothers and Mat Kearney and were excited to be playing Metro Chicago—a place where their idols Jeff Buckley and Smashing Pumpkins had taken the stage in the past.

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